To whom it may concern Prato, 1st  January 2018



Officina Luce’s (manufacturer)  warranty applies to manufacturing defects affecting our products which already existed at the time of the purchase of the product, that are non-apparent, and are unknown to the buyer, for a period of 2 years. This warranty applies to the products only and does not cover the installation of the product. The warranty does not apply to the material, economic, and/or physical damages or losses caused by the product. This warranty will not apply to any damages and/or losses caused by an incorrect use, installation or maintenance of the product. The manufacturer is therefore not liable for damages to the product or material, economic and/or physical damages or losses caused by an incorrect use, installation or maintenance of the product or in case of prolonged exposition to direct sun rays, outdoor environment or marine or corrosive atmosphere, or application of any chemical component on the decorative surfaces. If the buyer considers that the product is affected by a defect, the buyer should return the product to the point of purchase or send an email to Should the buyer decide to send an email to, a description of the alleged problem should be included in the email and a proof of purchase as well as a/more picture/s clearly illustrating the alleged defect should be attached to the email. The buyer, in agreement with the manufacturer, should also return the product to the manufacturer at his/her own expenses. After product inspection, if the warranty applies, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product free of charge.


Officina Luce will reject  transport damages claims if visible damages on the packaging are not notified on the delivery note of the transporter on receiving the goods and, in case of hidden damages, which are clearly attributable to transport even  with no visible damages on the packaging, if these hidden damages are not checked and notified to Officina Luce within 7 days from delivery date.

The manufacturer,
Issarch Srl
Officina Luce