Located in the VIP pavilion of the pristine Arezzo Equestrian Centre property, the secret garden is a sensorial experience created specifically for the Italian Championship Tour. For this event Officina Luce is collaborating with Event Design as projecting & building partners.


The inspiring muse of the exhibit is Nature in the form of the four elements. Those are harmoniously woven into the lighting design. You may notice earth and fire in the shape of FLOW Pendant in ebony wood, GLAM Table Lamp in burnished brass, NEW FLOW in brass and dark leather, and descending branches. Air and water are a mesmerizing cascade of golden and clear glass petals in an endless kaleidoscope effect – as per FLORET custom Chandelier & Table Lamps, RICHY Table Lamps, SHADE small Pendants and SABA Table Lamps in different sizes.



Plus, in the VIP pavilion main entrance there is on display the capsule lighting collection. Find the custom mini TOP Table Lamp by Officina Luce, enriched by a colorful satin shade. This precious customization is made specifically for the Italian Equestrian Championship event by Vito Infante, a polyhedric artist well-known in the niche of luxury fashion industry.

On the night of the 14th, the participants to the gala dinner have the chance to win at the charity auction one of this unique TOP lamps!