It is with great pleasure that we are introducing to you our newest capsule ceramics collection Richy, signed by Silvano Bavia. He was born in South of Italy, in Lecce, which has breathtaking views on the Mediterranean Sea.

His work involves the visual and tactile perceptions of the spectators, making them question the palpable aspects of the delicate natural forms. The main goal of Silvano’s artworks is to excite people with perfection of shapes, colors and emotional subjects.

The world of nature is his inspiration and the decorations of the ceramics represent the organic world: leaves or aquatic elements typical of sea and ocean that recall the organic elements that are deposited on stones, for example. The artist, as always, prefers the plastic processing of the material without the use of shapes or molds, so each work created, while being part of a numbered series, remains a unique piece

Ultimately, our brand has grown greater and wiser through our collaboration with the highly acclaimed artist, and the specific fixtures that he has authored for our catalogues are sculptural works of light.