Peacock — opulent elegance

Meet our newest collection signed by Emanuela Benedetti — Peacock. First presented this spring at Maison&Objet 2022, it is already among our most distinguished collections.

Fusing form and function

Interior architect and designer Emanuela Benedetti always strives to produce delightfully distinctive lighting fixtures. Her creations are a fusion of form and function. They are timeless pieces drawing inspiration from nature, the world and various cultures.

Graciousness, splendour and luxury

The elegance of peacocks serves as the inspiration for the collection. These gracious birds are an adornment to any surroundings they are. A sudden burst of colours and an ornament of feathers appears, creating a performance to remember. The same mesmerising feeling is radiated by the Peacock collection

Described shortly, Peacock radiates utmost elegance and luxury at its finest. Inspired by the iconic feather pattern of peacocks, the collection consists of smooth shapes with a sophisticated twist. The choice of materials, hues and forms is a hidden language speaking to our conscious.

The versatile natural brass and brushed bronze finished combine with oak veneer and black matte varnish in many variations. Moreover, you can customise the composition options to fit your design:

⦁ Peacock maxi pendant
⦁ Peacock pendant (1x pcs)
⦁ Peacock triple pendant (3x pcs)
⦁ Peacock composition (8x pcs)

Create a genuine sense of opulence, nobility and splendour in the room with the Peacock collection.