Lucia Ippolito – Lover of Art and Nature

With an academic background spanning across Florentine industrial design, yacht engineering, and Milanese Feng Shui, Lucia is a highly renowned designer and creative director. Her eclectic formation and unquenchable passion have carried her deep into art itself – art understood as research, experimentation, manual skills, and creation.

In her constant pursuit of achieving universal beauty through her design studio MADâme Dessin, Lucia ultimately joined Officina Luce on the Floret project, delivering some of the most beautiful work in our portfolio thus far.

Floret, Flowers, Floral Dreams

It’s been a difficult year for most of the design industry, yet we are fortunate and proud to be able to present you with another gorgeous lighting collection signed by Lucia Ippolito for Officina Luce: FLORET is where design meets nature and completely transforms the living space.

Minimalist and beautifully composed at the same time, each piece aims to bring a slice of floral grace into one’s home.

There is room for us to keep growing, which is why we were so eager to bring forth a second collection in record time – we’ve got more on the way and a bunch of great ideas in the oven, too. Excellence and high quality have defined us and made us darlings of the interior design industry, after all, and it’s what we will continue to bring to the table in the months to come.

Timeless and Superb


Floating glass petals frozen in time. A snapshot. A moment stolen from nature herself… That is how the Floret collection unfolds, inspired by the earthly splendor around us, by its shapes and colours, by its shimmery dew and luminescent break of dawn.

The lighting pieces are available in a splendid selection of finishes for each element, thus offering an ample chromatic choice and an ensemble modularity that brings great freedoms in composition. In other words, Floret is yours to play with as you wish.

Works of Lighting Art

Both the petal chandelier and the flower lamp are sculptural representations of nature’s charm and eloquence, filling every room – no matter how big or small – with the kind of magic most of us only ever dreamed of up to this point. The playful mélange of metal and glass, the juxtaposition of layers in different finishes… it creates a balance within the design itself.

To find out more about the collection, the customization options, and pricing, please contact us.