Luxury wall lamps

By 9 November 2020November 11th, 2020Blog

The approach to project design of the young Tuscan brand Officina Luce always aims at searching a balance between appearance and function, between aesthetics and performance. High quality, fine materials, precious finishes and attention to detail are the leitmotiv that permeates the company’s luxury wall lamps, precious masterpieces of technological and poetic innovation.

The creations by the brand Officina Luce range from designs inspired by art deco to designs that are the result of more recent reinterpretations. Each and every one of them is developed to lend charm to every room in which it’s placed. These miniature sculptural installations emit a precise light beam that enhances the surrounding room, but they don’t lose their decorative value once they are turned off.

Luxury interior wall lamps

The main geometric shapes of the solutions for interior wall lighting include cylindrical and tubular shapes that illuminate accurately the rooms that accommodate them. With their simplicity, these basic geometric compositions make the most of the magic of light. The trending shapes are indeed most often soft and they provide a wall lighting that suits well homes but also art galleries, exhibition spaces, lobbies and hallways in luxury hotels.

The wall lamps for the bathroom are efficient and practical without being bulky, and they lend charm and personality to the salle de bain by transforming a simple wall into a designer item. The creations by the maison Officina Luce are inspired by art deco, and they are iconic, original and timeless pieces. They are an expression of the “Made in Italy” quality that is the brand’s distinguishing feature.


Are you looking for modern wall lamps to complete the furniture of your office, store or home? Whether you need an enveloping light to relax in your bedroom or a stronger one for your reading corner or your home office, in Officina Luce’s catalogue you will definitely find the designer wall lamp that is just right for you.

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