Luxury table lamps

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A perfect balance between aesthetic value and functionality, between technique and decor, and between fine Italian craftsmanship and advanced technologies permeates the exclusive luxury table lamps by Officina Luce, a Tuscan company that has become a benchmark in the field of decorative lighting for interiors thanks to its extraordinary ability to combine easily the highest lighting performance with traditional craftsmanship.

Whether they come from series production or from a specific customisation request, the creations by Officina Luce are designed, manufactured, tested and assembled exclusively by hand in Italy at the company’s production facilities in Prato, in the heart of gorgeous Tuscany.

With poetic mastery, technique and creativity, Officina Luce reinterprets the traditional table lamp and it transforms it into an item that is decorative but also practical, efficient and highly performing at the same time. These sculptural creations are the result of the savoir-faire of a prestigious company that, with unmatchable creativity, gives birth to perfectly-proportioned designer table lamps.

Luxury table lamps: saba lamp

The strong point of these miniature lighted installations is indeed the rigorous geometric structure, which transforms practical household items into inimitable masterpieces of balance that are suitable for the living room as well as the office, the study, the home office and the bedroom.

For the creation of the elegant bedside table lamps with luxury lampshades, the company draws inspiration from several sources, including the world of art and architecture, and especially from the modernised art deco style, which has become the distinguishing mark of the maison Officina Luce. The trend that is dictating the style of the modern table lamps indeed consists of a comeback of archetypal geometric shapes, with a blaze of cylinders, cubes, tubular shapes and conceptual lines.

This rich collection of lamps for the living room, the desk, the bedside table, the office or any other room is available at Officina Luce’s showroom in Prato. Contact us for a consultation.

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