Luxury pendant lights

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The prestigious company Officina Luce creates luxury pendant lights: brilliant lighting solutions that combine tradition and innovation, classic and modern styles, Italianity and an international spirit, with a minimalist approach to aesthetics enriched with a skilful use of fine materials, which is the result of master craftsmen’s skills, expertise and savoir-faire.

The maison indeed draws inspiration from the typical “Made in Italy” craftsmanship, it reinterprets it according to its concept of illuminating and enriches it with new technologies. This results in exclusive creations that are representative of the concept “classic yet cutting-edge”, which lies at the heart of the company philosophy.

Pendant lights: a balanced mix of craftsmanship and technology

Designer pendant lights are iconic home decor elements. They combine balance and lightness, and they guarantee a light emission that is precise, soft and direct. By evoking the image of luxury jewels suspended in the air, the creations made of lead glass, white gold, glass and metal by Officina Luce gather, contain and spread light in the room in an elegant way.

The stylistic leitmotiv of the luxury products by the Tuscan brand is the study of primary building elements, with simple shapes and neat lines arranged in modular structures, that reiterate an appearance in which the geometric shape always plays a key role.

luxury pendant lights

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