Officina Luce Luxury Lighting Designs

By 30 July 2019Blog

Officina Luce Luxury Lighting Designs 2017: Solidity and Three-Dimensionality Are the Key

The first batch of Officina Luce products was launched in 2014. We designed and launched those products after thorough discussion with experts who had already spent decades in the industry. And now, after two and a half years, our Tuscany workshop is up and running. It is where we do a lot of experiments with the art forms of 1950’s and mix them with the contemporary styles. What exactly define the Officina Luce latest lighting products in the best possible manner? We think it’s our religious adherence to solidity and three-dimensionality that makes all the difference.

Here, we take a closer look at the process we follow here at Officina Luce.

Meeting Market Demand Is the Process Philosophy

Whatever we do, we always bear in mind that the market has its own way and language to react to luxury lighting designs. We love experimenting a lot with linear geometric forms, but those are not the only things we try to integrate into our designs. Market demand is the biggest driving force for all our creative ventures as we always try to make the lighting products commercially viable yet aesthetically superior.

What to Expect In Our Collections?

We have always tried to find a middle-of-the-road alternative to both rococo design forms and linearity. You will find minimalism in our products, yet that is not the only thing which should appeal you. We put a lot of emphasis on three-dimensionality and solidity as these are two factors that really make interior decoration products different from others. We always want to capture the strong emotions through colors, forms and reflections.

To put it into some perspective, you may think about a necklace, an elaborate one. Now imagine if that necklace turns into a lighting product, how would that be? There you go. Visualize a necklace which takes the form of a lighting product, a chandelier for example.

Creative Inspirations from Art Deco Styles

We put a raw spin on the art deco lighting styles and designs that have continued to inspire us through the decades and generations. However, contemporary lighting is more about putting functions before appeal, throwing in more minimalism and showing some sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting the environment. So Officina Luce products are eco-friendly, lightweight, cost-saving and elegant as well. We are committed to making a difference with our luxury lighting products.