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Born in the heart of Tuscany, in that sort of lighting district between Prato, Florence, Scandicci and Pistoia, Officina Luce is a prestigious company specialized in luxury deco lighting design.

The brand draws inspiration from Tuscany’s traditional craftsmanship, it reinterprets it according to its concept of illuminating and enriches it with the most advanced technologies. Between art and design, every creation by Officina Luce is the result of a project that combines Tuscany’s traditional fine craftsmanship with the most advanced lighting functions. Moreover, every product can be personalised according to the customer’s requests.

Sophisticated taste, fine materials and attention to detail are the strong points of Officina Luce’s luxury lamps, of which different versions are available: wall lamps, floor lamps, pendants, ceiling lamps and table lamps. Thanks to the elegant Italian design, with its basic lines and soft shapes, every creation catches the eye for its fineness and it adapts perfectly to any setting, whether it’s residential, contract or hospitality.

In a very short time, the Tuscan maison Officina Luce has succeeded in making a name for itself in the field of decorative luxury lighting and has reached a prominent position at the international level as for luxury products.



When stylistic research meets technical performance, precious installations are born. They are designed to combine fine aesthetics, traditional craftsmanship and the highest lighting performance. The stylistic research that all luxury chandeliers by Officina Luce share looks at technique, creativity and experimentation of new exquisite finishes and high-performance materials, such as aluminium, lead glass, brass, glass, wood and metal.


luxury lamps


Ceiling lamps

By evoking the image of luxury jewels suspended in the air, the modern ceiling lamps by Officina Luce are alluring decorations made exclusively in Italy, and they are characterised by an extraordinary, poetic gracefulness combined with a strong presence, whether they are on or off. Designed for the rooms of everyday life, the exclusive designer ceiling lamps by Officina Luce also meet the needs of the contract sector, in which the company has already got significant references.

Wall lamps

Light, sculpture, aesthetics and functionality: the wide selection of products for wall lighting by Officina Luce is the perfect combination of project design and decor. Style, technique and reliability are the main features of the new collections of luxury wall lamps by the Tuscan maison, which are little masterpieces of technological and poetic innovation.

luxury lamps: wall lamps

Luxury floor lamps

The brand’s floor lamps aren’t just light sources, but rather they are essential elements within the project that lend personality, style and charm to any indoor space. The young company Officina Luce – one of the most prestigious brands in the field of luxury decorative lighting – offers a wide selection of luxury products that are suitable for homes, hotels and the world of contract.

luxury floor lamps

Luxury table lamps

Innovation, fine Italian craftsmanship, experimentation, aesthetic research and technical sophistication are brought together in the exclusive classic table lamps by Officina Luce. Fine materials, geometric shapes and high-quality finishes – matte or polished – are the key elements of the Tuscan brand’s creations. Glass and lead glass, the main materials, are skilfully combined with the shininess of brass and the sturdiness of marble.

Luxury lamps: the features

Lighting is often underestimated, but it plays a crucial role in the success of every interior design project. Every room has got different needs in terms of light, so it’s essential to choose the best type of lighting for every room.

When choosing the light fixtures, the top-rated interior designers suggest, first of all, that you::

  • carefully consider the sizes, the weight, the volume, the performance and the durability of the products;
  • consider the intended use, the shape, the style, the furniture and the surface area of the room in which they will be placed;
  • consider the possibility to add extra features such as motion detectors or dimmers to adjust light intensity.

When selecting the light fixtures, it’s imperative to choose the right style and sizes for the room in which they will be placed. It’s crucial to find a balance between the sizes of the light fixtures and of the area to illuminate, so that the former don’t get lost in a wide space or, conversely, they don’t weigh down the latter.

Luxury table lamps

Here are some ideas:

  • ceiling lamps: are suitable for the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room, they guarantee an even illumination of the room and they help define the different areas without being an obstacle;
  • classic and modern floor lamps, adapt perfectly to the living room and the bedroom, especially to the reading corner;
  • the simple yet sophisticated wall lamps: are the perfect solution for illuminating the entryway, the stairwell, the hallways and the halls;
  • the very popular table lamps for tables and desks are perfect for the study and the home office;
  • lamps with luxury lampshades to be placed in the living room or the bedroom on chests of drawers, console tables, dressers and secretary desks;
  • pendant lights, with a simple, basic design or an elegant and modern art deco style, are perfect for the living room and the dining room.

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