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The craftiness and creativity of the most exclusive processing techniques, the careful choice of raw materials, the cutting-edge techniques in terms of technology and authentic Italian design are the strong points of Officina Luce, a Tuscan brand that has become, in a very short time, a benchmark at the international level in the field of decorative lighting for luxury interiors.

The prestigious Tuscan maison reinterprets the concept of the traditional luxury chandeliers with a minimalist, more modern and dynamic appearance. The results are perfect combinations of technology and the raw materials that are typical of the Italian tradition. These true miniature sculptural installations form dynamic shapes and create evocative volumetric effects on surfaces, while providing cutting-edge lighting functions.

luxury chandeliers

Classic and modern luxury chandeliers

If installed in strategic places, luxury chandeliers illuminate the room in a practical way, they create alluring contrasts between light and dark as well as effects that create strong visual impact, and they make every location cosier, more fascinating and welcoming, whether it’s residential or contract. So, the relationship with light goes beyond the purely practical aspect and it embraces the emotional sphere.

The trend is a clear comeback of aesthetics of the past, and this reinterpretation is combined with an interesting minimalism enhanced by the artisanal skills that are typical of Tuscany. The classic luxury chandeliers by the Tuscan maison Officina Luce are evocative and timeless, and they combine traditional craftsmanship, technical research and deco elements.

As for the modern luxury chandeliers, the innovation consists of conceptual lines, and basic, pure shapes – with a sharp graphic design – that represent a contemporary concept of elegance.

The shape of the traditional chandelier with crystal droplets changes: the structures are more dynamic, the design is contemporary and there is a strong conceptual component.

Officina Luce’s creative inspiration when designing its luxury chandeliers is indeed directed towards the geometric precision that comes from minimalist art. Elegant cylindrical and tubular shapes are arranged in sequences and open structures vertically and horizontally.

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