Purveyor of Stellar Ceramic Arts

We have made a habit of carefully selecting the artists and artisans with whom we work on developing our lighting pieces, which is why we’re wholeheartedly stoked about having Silvano Bavia as a design partner. The esteemed artist currently lives and practices his premier craft in Montelupo Fiorentino, the so-called capital of the Tuscan ceramic world. His works harmoniously bring together the ancient tradition of papier-mâché and the more modern technologies of ceramics—the end result being a beautiful line of designs.

Mr Bavia’s art involves plenty of recycled materials whilst giving praise to the splendour of nature herself. His roses, birds, and exquisite foliage textures are a dazzling play on shape and colour wrapped around an emotional subject. There is a message behind his works, as well, as Mr Bavia tends to transform the dreadful news of printed newspapers into three-dimensional roses, symbols of birth and purity. Ultimately, our brand has grown greater and wiser through our collaboration with the highly acclaimed artist, and the specific fixtures that he has authored for our catalogues are sculptural works of light.