The Dream-Inspired, London-Based Design Studio

Unlike many in the interiors industry, Matteo Bianchi didn’t immediately realise that he’d been designed for design. He was 29 and working as an account manager for an advertising firm when he enrolled in an interior design course at Central Saint Martins. Needless to say, the rest became history as the budding designer embarked on a wonderful journey at a point in his life when most called such a shift crazy. Yet he persevered.

Today, Mr Bianchi is an award-winning expert in his field, a man with the vision and energy required to run a successful design studio in the heart of London. The eponymous interiors brand prides itself with speed and efficiency, while the core of the business is led through passion and dedication—the very values that brought Mr Bianchi into the world of design, to begin with. Since we believe that dreams can generate virtually anything, including extraordinary lighting, joining forces with Matteo Bianchi for some of our projects seemed like the natural next step.