The Dream-Inspired, London-Based Design Studio

Unlike many in the interiors industry, Matteo Bianchi didn’t immediately realise that he’d been designed for design. He was 29 and working as an account manager for an advertising firm when he enrolled in an interior design course at Central Saint Martins. Needless to say, the rest became history as the budding designer embarked on a wonderful journey at a point in his life when most called such a shift crazy. Yet he persevered.

Today, Mr Bianchi is an award-winning expert in his field, a man with the vision and energy required to run a successful design studio in the heart of London. The eponymous interiors brand prides itself with speed and efficiency, while the core of the business is led through passion and dedication—the very values that brought Mr Bianchi into the world of design, to begin with. Since we believe that dreams can generate virtually anything, including extraordinary lighting, joining forces with Matteo Bianchi for some of our projects seemed like the natural next step.

Background to Matteo Bianchi’s career in interior design

For as long as I can remember I have had a curiosity for interior design which I believe stemmed from my mother who always made sure our house looked pretty and in order. I took on a job at Ikea and there were specific departments that would be responsible for the displays, this was fascinating to me. I discovered that design was probably intrinsic in my DNA and it became a secret passion of mine.

I enrolled on an interior design course at Central Saint Martins which involved a series of ten Saturday morning sessions. It was then that I started to consider the possibility of a career change. On the first day I was reminded of how much I loved to draw as a child, anything and everything. If I was given a pen and paper, I would just sit down for the whole day and draw.

When I embarked on this course I was 29 and everything became really clear – this is what I wanted to do. I was living on Columbia Road next to the flower market and I couldn’t wait to get up on a Saturday morning and get the bus to Saint Martins in Holborn. I questioned how I could possibly change career with no funds. At the time I was working as an account manager in advertising. I just knew this wasn’t my forte or my passion and at this particular moment it all started to make sense. An ex-boss got in touch and invited me to join her in Manchester; there was a position available and I thought this would be a great opportunity to save a bit of money, whilst taking the time to carefully plan my career move properly.

I left London for Manchester, saved as much as I could and started to look into possible design schools. After some thorough research, Chelsea College of Art and Design was the one that ticked the most boxes for me. In 2006 I was able to secure a graduate loan from HSBC for £20,000 to cover the tuition fee. Everyone thought I was completely crazy, but to me it felt like the right thing to do. I returned to London and began the course in July that year. The course was ten months long; I absolutely loved it!  It provided me with the freedom and opportunity to just learn and research.

During the final part of the course, I was required to create a project of my own. A friend of a friend in Venice was refurbishing a boutique hotel and I asked him if I could use a plan of the building for an assignment on this course. I created my own design for the hotel and, when I presented my ideas to him, he loved it; in fact, he much preferred it to the designs his architect had proposed. He asked me to design the hotel for him.  Of course, I was delighted to accept…and that’s how it started, that was in May 2007.

The creation of Matteo Bianchi Studio

I just had a vision and at the start I knew where I wanted to go. I always dreamed about having an office of my own office with music in the background, fruit on the table, positive energy and a strong sense of culture, that is what it is all about at Matteo Bianchi Studio. We are incredibly fast and efficient but every single person that steps foot into the office can see that we are a bunch of passionate people with strong values who really respect the work life balance.

My job is to protect my team and make sure there is a good environment/atmosphere because that’s how they are going to excel and have a good time during the day. We are just like a small family, there is a strong culture, and that is what I always wanted. I have never done this for money, and I will never do this for money.  It is really about passion and I am very lucky to be able to live my dream every day. I cannot wait to go to work every day – it is a pure luxury.