Taking Design into Space and Back

A leading expert in ‘Space Design’, Daniele Bedini can easily be considered a visionary in his field of architecture and interior design. Beginning with his University of Florence degree thesis in ‘Space Architecture’, the Italian architect has dedicated most of his career to imagining and designing habitable spaces beyond the natural confines of Earth, having actively contributed to the development of space tourism as a whole.

Specializing in several disciplines—interior design among them, Mr Bedini has helped shape future designers whilst teaching at the Chelsea College of Art, Kingston University, and the prestigious Royal College of Art during his stay in London. He’s back in Florence, these days, spending a good portion of his time as an esteemed industrial designer and an integral part of Officina Luce’s own vision of the future of living spaces. We are honoured to count him as our partner on this spectacular journey spent creating transcendent lighting.