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To illuminate is to furnish. The lighting plays a very important role in home decor, as it lends elegance, wholeness and a luxurious appearance to every room. Therefore, illuminating the rooms of the house properly is key.

The type of lighting and especially the light intensity play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere, embellishing the rooms of the house, balancing the living spaces, determining the mood and enhancing the furniture. The perception of the spaces radically changes with a proper, striking lighting. Conversely, even the most luxurious and beautifully made furniture would be humbled by a cold, sterile and ineffective lighting.

Officina Luce, a benchmark in the field of decorative interior lighting, offers the most innovative solutions for illuminating the interiors with style. Here is an extensive overview of its exclusive designer floor lamps.

Designer floor lamps: the features

True design icons, decorative floor lamps become the stars of the room they are placed in by expressing dynamism and fineness through light. Besides ensuring the proper lighting in a portion of the room, a designer floor lamp contributes to:

  • lending style, personality and distinction to the room;
  • lending a distinguishing feature to dull corners with its stage presence;
  • enhancing the interior walls;
  • livening up the atmosphere;
  • filling and customising the spaces;
  • furnishing with elegance;
  • bringing out details, such as paintings and shelves.

A modern floor lamp takes up little space and it can be easily placed in any corner, even in rooms that have got a small surface, from the living room to the home office, to the dining room, to the sleeping area, thus becoming the ideal focus of the entire room.

Designer floor lamps Officina Luce

The beautiful light from our designer floor lamps helps to define the domestic landscape with poetic energy. The Tuscan maison offers a wide assortment of floor lamps carefully created by the talented “hands” of expert and skilled craftsmen, which make each piece a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.

ETEREA and SOAVE FLOOR LAMPS, creations by Emanuela Benedetti, an emerging Italian interior and lighting designer. Accompanied by the elegant base in Bardiglio marble from the Apuan Alps and characterized by thin grey veins in parallel, Eterea and Soave lamps stand out proudly upwards, characterizing your rooms with their regal presence.

With a strong visual impact, Eterea presents futuristic lines: the concave and convex surfaces alternate in solid metals, crystalline and marmoreal thus creating a vivid material movement. Soave is a design lamp characterised by fascinating light gold finish.

The most famous designer floor lamps by the Tuscan brand Officina Luce include ICE FLOOR LAMP, which is characterised by a pleasant appearance that is the result of a combination of fine materials: brass details, a very refined wooden sleek structure, a metal base and a lampshade made of ivory shantung. The lamp Ice leaves classicism and stylistic features of the past behind in favour of a project language that combines the potential of traditional materials like wood and of contemporary ones like metal.

Sober finishes, fine materials, and simple, clean-cut shapes are the leitmotiv that connects ANIMA FLOOR LAMP and VITA FLOOR LAMP, with a finish made of burnished and brushed brass. The exclusive floor lamp Anima – another design signed by Emanuela Benedetti – is perfect for creating a soft ambient light. It consists of an elegant walnut structure, a light gold finish and luxurious smoked glass details which lie on a sturdy travertine marble base, a magnificent natural stone with a light grey background crossed by white veins.

Another very sophisticated creation is SHADE FLOOR LAMP, a luxurious arched lamp that is suitable for both the contract and the residential world. Shade, which brings together delicacy and strength, is fascinating for its lightness, and it emits a light that is soft and very relaxing. Its curvy shapes evoke the softness of the clouds, and immediately convey a sense of well-being.

Technological innovation, a simple structure and fine materials are beautifully combined in the NEST FLOOR LAMP, with its polished light gold delicate finish, metal mesh lampshades with a cream-coloured satin and copper finish, and a large white cotton diffuser disc, which radiates the light source. The result is a sophisticated, minimalist floor lamp that can meet any stylistic and furnishing need.

IDYLL is a very spectacular floor lamp. It’s an alluring combination of structures that intertwine in order to achieve a creative balance between different light dimensions that speak the language of beauty and poetry. Its black nickel structure, its sophisticated glass lampshades with a polished light gold finish and its great versatility make this elegant black floor lamp perfect for both contract and the most sophisticated and contemporary hospitality sector.

FLAIRE FLOOR LAMP is very interesting too. Its base is made of Marquiña marble, a natural stone characterised by a solid deep black background crossed by white and light grey diagonal veins. Two poles come out of the lamp’s sturdy base: they have got a matte black and polished copper finish, and are connected to very elegant cylinder-shaped lampshades made of black trevira mesh.

SABA FLOOR LAMP combines innovation, traditional craftsmanship and efficiency. It takes up little space and can be easily placed in any room, from the living room, to the reading corner, to the hall, to the bathroom. It’s available in two colours and it consists of a fine structure made of natural brass, a burnished and brushed brass base and a large pleated crepon lampshade.

The elegant GLAM FLOOR LAMP, inspired by both art deco and the minimalist-chic style, is perfect for reading. Although it looks basic, Glam’s vintage spirit reveals itself in the attention to luxurious details, thus unveiling an approach to design that is mindful of shapes, technology and fine materials, such as the black Portoro marble of the base with alluring golden veins.

MAXIME FLOOR LAMP, with its elegant structure made of natural brass, its sturdy metal base and its dark grey shantung lampshade, is a designer product that embodies the sophisticated taste, the geometric shapes and the fine materials that have made the brand Officina Luce famous in Italy and all over the world.

The exclusive FLOW FLOOR LAMP is emblematic of Officina Luce’s philosophy. It consists of a structure made of ebony slats, a satin gold finish, a metal base and six charming lampshades made of gold trevira mesh. The Tuscan maison tends to combine metals with other fine materials, and the distinguishing feature of this creation is indeed the use of ebony, the black wood “par excellence”.

The TRAPEZE FLOOR LAMP, with its structure and details made of burnished and natural brass, a metal base and a large beige linen lampshade, produces fascinating light effects, and is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere. If placed next to the sofa, it will envelop the entire room with a very soft light.

As you can see, the floor lamps by Officina Luce range from Deco glam to a style that vaguely recalls the ‘70s, from minimalism to the geometric shapes that are typical of the ‘80s. We are from Prato, Tuscany, and every creation is entirely designed and made in Italy, where the artisanal skills that are typical of Tuscany meet the highest lighting performance.

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