Deco glam table lamps

By 9 November 2020November 11th, 2020Blog

The sophisticated deco glam table lamps by Officina Luce – a Tuscan brand specialized in lighting products for interiors – are a tribute to light, elegance and design. These little works of art make a big impact, and they bring together the rules of the traditional Tuscan craftsmanship techniques and the most advanced technologies.
Thanks to their sophisticated yet practical design, these lamps can be placed in various settings, from representative offices to the most prestigious boutique hotels, and even on desks, elegant console tables and worktables in the rooms of the house.

The creations designed by the prestigious maison Officina Luce are embellished with elegant golden finishes and details made of lead glass, brass, aluminium, wood and ceramic materials. They adapt perfectly to both classic and modern settings by decorating tastefully, enhancing the surrounding interiors and spreading a soft, pleasant light.

deco glam table lampsCarefully hand finished, our exclusive déco glam table lamps reflect the geometricality, the innovative taste, the refinement of materials and the attention to detail that have made the name of Officina Luce known throughout the world. The philosophy of this prestigious Italian brand specialising in lighting design has found confirmation and particular appreciation in international markets.

We produce lighting masterpieces with a strong personality. Every detail, finish and decoration can be personalised and customised according to the client’s requests, to best fit in with the contexts in which they will be inserted.

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