EUROLUCE 2017 Retrospective

Timeless Lighting Elegance

It was for the second time we exhibited at the Euroluce, Salone de Mobile 2017. This year, more than 450 exhibitors from different parts of Europe participated in the large-scale lighting exhibition. We met really nice people from all over Europe and the world, exhibited our latest creations, engaged in meaningful discussions and explored growth opportunities aplenty.

Officina Luce – Timeless lighting elegance

About three years ago, a small group of people with a passion for designing and engineering lighting products decided to put themselves together and create timeless lighting elegance. Officina Luce, the brand which was founded in the cradle of the Italian renaissance, puts together traditional and contemporary elements in its creations to light up modern living and working spaces with much élan.

We like to play with the materials and geometric forms, so expect to see a lot of unique designs as you go through Officina Luce new collection of luxury lighting products.

“We welcome you to Tuscany in Florence, the place we call home. If you wish to get your hands on our products, please feel free to visit our Tuscany workshop. Also, follow us on social media and visit our website to get the latest updates. Thank you”.


If you couldn’t make it to Salone del Mobile this year, here’s a chance for you to glance through our most recent creations.

NEST, designed by Antonio Minutella


The NEST series products have unmatched solidity and the interplay of the geometric lines make the products unique in themselves. The lighting products are linear, simple, elegant and often come with built-in speakers. No more asking “Where to install the speakers without tweaking the interior design?” We’ve brought a built-in solution for you.


Eterea, designed by Emanuela Benedetti


A wide variety of materials, including leather, brass and precious marbles have been used in these products.  Shades and dimensions of these exclusive Officina Luce creations can be customized to fit your needs.


SHINE, designed by Maurizio Arena


Shine products stand out when it comes to the solidity of geometric lines and forms. In many of our latest collections, marbles are inserted in brass and you can also find mosaic glass with aluminum finish in these products.

For more information on our latest products such as Shade, Flaire, Marble Flaire and Flute series products, download our latest brochure here.